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About Us
Kang Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd

Kang Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd was established in 2006, though our history and operating presence in Cameron Highlands is much longer than that. We started our humble business of providing lodging for guests since 1995 and since then we have expanded our activities to include tours and travel services.

Our office is located on the main street of Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands next to the post office. You can't miss us as we have a nice big colourful shop sign above our shop. This shop also doubles as our hotel aka Kang Travellers Hotel.

We are a husband and wife team giving one of the warmest hospitality businesses around Cameron Highlands. Initially we started out with a friend to cater for the budget traveller who needed a simple no fuss type guesthouse lodging. After a couple of years, we decided to head out on our own to provide for this area of accommodation.

Later on, we decided to expand our business to include travel and tours service providing interesting jungle excursion and exploration of Cameron Highlands various sights and attractions. We were the first to introduce the land rover expedition and many travel and tour companies have tried to imitate our excursion style.

Though we are one of the newer travel and tour companies against the better established travel agencies around Cameron Highlands, nevertheless we try to come up with interesting tours apart from the usual must-do type activities.

So do look us up and inquire about our hotel and guesthouse accommodation and travel tours services. If you have any questions about our little humble lodging and travel tours, head on to our inquiry page and drop us a note. We will try to reply to you soon as we can from our busy little schedule.

Above all, do come visit Cameron Highlands and have an enjoyable time as you plan for your relaxing time (or strenuous activities? Up to you) as you come round the cool refreshing hills of Cameron Highlands.

Warmest regards,

Daniel Kang and Karen Phan
Kang Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd